How to Apply

  1. Fill out the Letter of Interest


  2. Obtain the appropriate

  3. Submit the Intent form to
      Sr. Janet Doyle, Regina Hall

  4. Once your intent proposal
       is accepted, proceed to
       complete the formal

  a. Word Application

  b. PDF Application

  5. Submit the final proposal to 
      Sr. Janet Doyle in Regina Hall
      Room 107.

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Guiding Principles

(excerpts from Care for Creation Document)

  • We, the members of the Sylvania Franciscan Village, believe that the creation of our vast and wonderful universe is God's gift to us, and God's first act of self-revelation. Respect and care for creation is our gift back to God.
  • Consistent with St. Francis' vision, we in the 21st century recognize that humans are interconnected with nature, not separate from it.
  • The history and legacy of the Sisters of St. Francis compel us to continue the commitment and awaremess of our relationship with the Earth.
  • We have a spiritual responsibility to integrate our values of community, stewardship, reverence and service into our planning, decisions, and actions to ensure the preservation of all creation for future generations. (read entire document here)

Sylvania Franciscan Village Green Fund

Water Filtering Stations Proposal Approved!

The Sylvania Franciscan Village Green Fund Board has approved a proposal to add water filtering stations around the Franciscan Village! The concept of this proposal will be to replace five existing drinking fountains located in high traffic areas with Elkay EZH2O refillable water units. The new waters units will be placed in the Franciscan Center, Gymnasium Fitness Center, Russell J. Ebeid Hall and St. Francis Hall. The goal is to reduce our campuses ecological footprint and create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus.

Rain Garden Update

The Sylvania Franciscan Village Green Fund Board approved the proposal to create a rain garden!  Submitted by students from Professor Jim Minesky’s class, this proposal involved creating a  garden of native plant species which will capture and cleanse a portion of the 1300 gallons of annual storm-water runoff from Carmel Hall and Learning Center Hall.  See full proposal here. To see pictures of the new Rain Garden click here.


The Sylvania Franciscan Village Green Fund supports efforts that demonstrate a clear purpose of sustainability or environmental protection consistent with the Care for Creation principles.


The Sylvania Franciscan Village Green Fund was created through a donation of $25,000 to the Sylvania Franciscan Village. The Sylvania Franciscan Village Green Fund aims to finance projects that promote environmental stewardship as outlined in our Care for Creation document and subsequent Guidelines. Projects must demonstrate a financial savings or a clear purpose of protecting the environment.

The Basics

Eligibility: All members of the SVF are eligible to propose projects. Students must have an advisor (possibly a faculty or staff member). Teams, especially multi-generational ones, will be given consideration.

Fund Uses: VGF funding will be used to assess environmental needs (energy, water, waste, purchasing or other targeted areas) and offer a specific plan of action to improve campus sustainability and generate cost savings, or to implement an action plan for an already defined environmental need.

Funds may be used for but are not limited to: Materials or Products, Research or Monitoring Equipment, Professional Work or Installation, Stipends (must be approved by VGF board).

Project Parameters: Projects must have a clearly defined timeline and must show cost savings or specific non-monetary improvement to the environment

Application Process

You have a great idea for a sustainability initiative

1. Form a team. Invite others to work with you to develop this idea. Students must find an advisor

2. Consult with one of the members of the VGF Board. They are there to assist you in the proposal process.

3. Determine what information may be needed (e.g., energy bills) and discuss the feasibility of obtaining this information with the Board member.

4. Determine the final cost and savings estimates for your project.

Once these steps are done, you can begin the formal project proposal form. Complete the application and submit it to Sr. Janet Doyle (Regina Hall Room 107). The VGF Board meets twice a semester. At these meetings, applications will be reviewed as well as progress of on-going projects.